Apa itu intelijen?

Sherman Kent: “inteligence is simultaneously knowledge, an activity and an organization.”, “intelligence is the knowledge that our highly placed civilian and military men must have to safeguard the national welfare”.

Vernon Walters: “Inteligence is information not always available in the public domain, relating to strength, resources, capabilities and intention of a foreign country that can affect our lives and the safety of our people.”

RA. Random: “intelligence is the official secret collection and processing of information on foreign countries to aid in formulating and implementing foreign policy and the conduct of covert activities abroad to facilitate the implementation of foreign policy.”

Sony: “Intelijen adalah fungsi dalam suatu organisasi. Jadi setiap organisasi seharusnya memiliki fungsi intelijen.” à it highlight the fact that intelligence involves official (govs) activities to gather information.

Intelligence is first and foremost an enabler strategy.

Projects potential reaction by others both adersaries and neutral to those plan.

Helping strategist evaluate the feasibility of proposed courses of action.

Helps strategists indentify both opportunity and threat.

Sun Tzu: focusing on the need to understand the andversary – its values capabilities, objectives and vulnerabilities.

Carl Von Clausewitz: ” Intelligence as an impediment to sound strategy – unreliable contradictory often false and usually uncertain. Difficulty of accurate recognition constitute one of the most serious sources of friction in war.”

Intelligence is:

Process > acquiring and producing intelligence.

Organization > the agencies/services that carry out the intelligence function.

Product > Analyses.