I’m really thankful I can join this good event, and I suggest this kind of event can be multiplicable in every city in Indonesia. This is my Insight from #1000StartupDigital Ignition Event at UI last week:
1) Founders = Problem Solver
A lesson from the 1st session with Andreas Senjaya (the founder of iGrow) is, taking the road of life as a founder means endless struggle to find a solution that can solve the problems of many people. On the way, it could be going a lot of obstacles and failures, but a founder should always be able to get up and look for another way to achieve that mission.
2) Startup Require a Super-power-endurance from its Founders
This will be an emphasize for the points in the 1st session. Become a founder and entrepreneur means facing a lot of trouble everyday and never give up with those. To achieve that, what we need is an ability to set back into our original vision and to not take too long await for developing new idea.
3) The Greatest Social Impact = Empower People with Technology
A good insight I get from Timi (KitaBisa) is, with technology we can provide massive social impact by giving people a chance to empower themselves and make their life better.
4) Innovation culture need to be implemented in organizational level
Google successfully maintain their innovation culture by keeping their openness and healthy working relationship within their organization of 60k people around the world. Their secret sauces are compiled as ‘9 notions of Innovation’.
5) Don’t be afraid with pivot and change, those are build-in features of a startup
From the last session with Hanifah Ambadar and Peter Shearer, we can learn about how scale-up process will impact our startup. While the environment and also customer base become larger, pivoting and making a change in business process  is a necessity. As a founder, we need to familiarize our team with the process and responsively adaptive with the change without losing our original vision.