Kimi no Koto Ga Suki Dakara – English Cover

Lyric cover by: @Wartawota48
Vocal cover by: @Wartawota48
Sound editor: Audacity 2.0.0

Everytime I see you in happiness,
I’ll always hope it will never last
Forever and ever and ever,
I’ll keep wishing that for you
Even when wind blowing so hard,
I will keep the flowers for you

Love is like a whisper,
that never asked to be answered
and always sent in a single way

(Under the sunshine let’s smile together
Dancing, Singing, Freely)

Because of My love to You…
I’ll always standby right around You…
Even when I’m among the crowds
Even when You don’t notice Me

Because of My love to You…
Only when I can meet with You…
A warm feeling pushing into My heart
That full with happiness…
Toward eternity…